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The extreme flexibility of the production process makes us highly competitive because we can respond to all client requirements and implement them in hotel facilities.

Thanks to our experience, we are able to manage complex aspects related to spaces and design requirements and we guarantee 100% made in Italy turnkey product.

Offices and Workplaces

We provide form and substance to workplaces where quality and efficient management of both space and stylistic needs determine a project’s success

Experience, aesthetic taste and quality design furniture are effectively developed in the business space by implementing exceptionally functional solutions.

The expertise of our staff and the application of innovative technological solutions have enabled us to meet all requirements in a targeted and effective manner by offering high quality, 100% made in Italy products.

Residential buildings

We develop multi-unit projects that reflect the principles of contemporary design and the high quality of the Italian product.

Every project unit presents a considerable degree of customisation, with details that stand apart from serial production, while maintaining excellent value for money.

Our productions are 100% made in Italy, a quality guarantee and focus on details that enhance the appeal and value not only of the furnishing element but also of the context in which it is inserted.


Whoever makes use of our services for the retail sector will be assured highly customizable modular solutions that can be adapted to suit the specific features of any type of store, enhanced by the quality of a made in Italy product.

Rapid turnaround, competence and expertise to meet every special requirement of this sector make our company the ideal partner for professionals who wish to focus on design, leaving all technical, productive, quality and logistic features to our staff.

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