Customization of packaging and care in protecting your product

BBF is able to supply a customized packaging. We are aware of the fact that an appropriate packaging is the first step to avoid damages during transport and for this reason we pay the greatest attention to protect your products.

From semi-finished components on pallets to the assembled product packed in carton boxes or shrink-wrapped we can offer the most suitable solution for every request.

We think that it’s fundamental using appropriate packing materials in order to protect the items from the loading to the delivery, ensuring the arrival in perfect conditions at final destination.

We can customize the labelling, ensuring the correct identification of every single package at the jobsite.

Moreover, when we load a container, we check the number of packages through a barcode scanner to make our customer sure that all the goods have been effectively delivered.

In conclusion, the customization process of our company involves not only the cabinet, but also the packaging and the labelling. Everything can be customized with your logo.