Laser edgebanding

Innovative technology for the edgebanding process

There is no doubt that the laser technology has established itself among the several edge-banding processes for panels, guaranteeing the enhancement of the panel itself.

Thanks to the laser edging process excellent results are achieved from an aesthetic point of view, with clear quality improvement.

Through this innovative technique the edge application is no more carried out with glue, but with laser welding or plasma.

Several advantages

This technology ensures an optimum and long-lasting fixing. This innovative laser edging process requires neither glue nor cleaning liquids, guaranteeing therefore an eco-friendly production.

The resistance and the adaptability of the furniture components are significantly improved and this modern technology prevents dirt penetrating the joints between panel and edge.

Panels processed through the laser technology develop a greater resistance to heat and humidity. The visible signs of wear on the panels are just a thing of the past.

The quality improvement is visible to the naked eye: the jointless connection between edge and panel assures a homogeneous aesthetic, which is really appreciated. By using a PP laser edge, which is an eco-friendly material, color variations of the edge are no longer visible.

…and for lacquered furniture

An additional advantage of laser edgebanded panels with ABS edge for lacquering is the cost reduction. The invisible junction between panel and edge involves a minor quantity of lacquering, thus there is no need to re-lacquer the panel repeatedly.