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BBF Library

Since 2019 BBF Spa is the unique and exclusive partner of Schulz Speyer – BCI in Italy specialized in the realization of projects and supplies.

BBF Spa produces custom furniture and project for private and public sector, contract and office and boasts a multiyear expertise.
Quality, technological innovation and environmental awareness place BBF Spa among the excellences of the sector.
BBF with its library division is the highly specialized point of reference for the study, development and realization of complete standard or custom furniture and set-ups, for public and private libraries and for school and academic-scientific libraries as well.

BBF in partnership with Schulz Speyer – BCI, have a team of experts at its clients’ disposal offering:

  • Design of spaces
  • Tailor-made wood furniture and design accessories
  • Modular shelving systems for library
  • Signage
  • Specialized installation
  • Project management

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