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Furniture Manufacturers

Our experience combined with ongoing innovation allows us to support leading furnishing brands.

Those who choose us as partners are aware that they can make use of a technical, design and production service, able to provide a balanced answer to the binomial needs/result.

A modular service. From the initial steps of the project, we actively cooperate in the consolidation process of the creative idea, providing solutions that range from construction dynamics to materials, details, finishes and product industrialisation.

Complete cycle
From project definition, prototype development, raw materials and components purchasing, to active management of all processes right up to the finished product, packaged with the client’s name and dispatched. This is the BBF’s formula to guarantee the highest quality for your product.

By assigning your projects to us, you can rely on our extensive experience, make use of ultimate technological solutions and finishes, and reduce production costs because we guarantee every project step. This will allow you to focus on the result, without worrying about either production or quality.

We are perfectly aware that your credibility depends on our efficiency, and we have established our quality standards and code of ethics on this core factor.

Case study

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