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Established in 1988 by Borgonovo family, including Filippo Livio, Giancarlo and Nicoletta, BBF represents the continuity of a tradition handed down by their father, Carlo Ambrogio Borgonovo.

During the years, the company specialised in customized solutions for the furnishing and design sector, wisely studied to meet the requirements of a wide range of clients, including furnishing manufacturers, architectural firms and general contractors.

Collaborate with us means that you are sure that you are relying on a company, whose strong points are flexibility and customisation, combined with a remarkable inclination for research and innovation, besides absolute compliance with deadlines.

BBF’s special feature is ongoing technological innovation, such as, for instance, laser technology for edging, which ensures impeccable results for a 100% made in Italy premium quality product.

Corporate structure

Our company is made up of three sectors: Technical Department, BBF Lab and Production Department.

The Technical Department deals with project development, engineering and order follow-up, both regarding industrialisation and guaranteed quality in all production phases.

BBF Lab is the innovative heart of our company. It finds out new technologies to be applied to production. Our staff is constantly seeking new products, raw materials, processing techniques and accessories to innovate the production process.

Our production department includes highly qualified staff who follows every production step with the utmost care, starting from cutting, edgebanding and drilling materials, moving through assembly and finally reaching packaging and transport. Cleanliness and order are the key features of our Production Department that ensures the creation of an impeccable product.


Thanks to the experience developed in several years with thousands of projects, we provide effective assistance for all your ideas, accompanying you through their implementation, in compliance with budget and goals

We ensure active and practical support during all project phases, allowing our clients to focus on design features and on relations with their clients.

Our quality reflects the careful management of all technical and engineering aspects that arise when we shift from the design phase to the production phase. Our goal is to analyse every detail and provide the most suitable solution for you.

Trusting us means having the certainty of premium quality production that guarantees an industrialised and customized product without any limitation.

Our quality cycle ends with customized packaging and direct delivery to your purchaser.

BBF around the world

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